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  1. DogsOfWar - December 20, 2018 Reply


    • DontMakeMe - December 20, 2018 Reply

      Something's a little off in CSS for the comments here (but I think we fixed that once before??). Otherwise it's looking good.

      • DogsOfWar - December 20, 2018 Reply

        The theme has a classic or material design. I switched to material and it made the CSS fix not work I think.

        • DontMakeMe - December 21, 2018 Reply

          Bam! Made a little button height property adjustment in the CSS.

          • DogsOfWar - December 21, 2018

            Look upon my mighty buttons!

          • DogsOfWar - December 21, 2018

            Now if only we knew what made clicking the fonze button have a rolling fonze on the other theme.

          • DontMakeMe - December 21, 2018

            Hmm. Good catch! Sometime on mobile the browser hasn't loaded the javascript for counting fonzes, and it'll only roll — repeatedly it you keep tapping it, until the on-click javascript loads anyway.

            I vaguely, hazily recall that we've faced this question before, too. Seems like that was a new thing we noticed when we switched from Nerea, or maybe it was the one before.

          • DogsOfWar - December 21, 2018

            Yeah, it was only on Goodnews that the rolling happened.

    • DontMakeMe🐶 - September 4, 2019 Reply

      So this all looks good to go, no? Our Amazon ad square works, ID works and looks right to me. might need to copy over some CSS customizations from below for button height, but I don't see anything holding us back. I think the featured image would look fine if it started from the border of the sidebar to post, and continued to right border. On Goodnews, we seem to have wider sidebar and border, which makes images in the post space render as too small.

      • DogsOfWar - September 4, 2019 Reply

        Let's fire it up this weekend when traffic is light.

  2. T. Sprinkles - July 3, 2019 Reply

    Well, does it?

  3. Colleen_B - July 3, 2019 Reply

    I like it

  4. DontMakeMe🐶 - September 14, 2019 Reply

    Another thread with some replies.

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